Teletubbies pull and play giant Noo-Noo

Earlier this year we were invited to the launch of the iconic TV series Teletubbies. Since then the girls have become huge fans, and love watching them on Cbeebies. The launch of teletubbies also brought with it a range of toys from character options, some of which you can see here. My youngest still sleeps with her Laa Laa teletubbies, but we have one character missing Noo-Noo.

One of the latest toys from Character options is the Pull and Play giant Noo-Noo. Whilst aimed at children aged 18months to 4 years all three of my children (5months-6years) have interacted and enjoyed the giant Noo-Noo.

My eldest loves to pull the giant Noo-Noo so it makes sucking noises as she cleans up the giant custard splats, this makes her little brother laugh. As he grows he will also be able to pull and push the giant Noo-Noo so it is a toy that is going to last and grow with him. Noo-noo also has giant wobbly eyes just like in the TV show, which all three children find funny.

There are multiple activities on the pull and play giant Noo-Noo. My youngest has took great pride in showing her younger brother the 6 piece shape sorter. She talks to him about the different shapes and the different colours and he loves reaching out and grabbing them. The 3D teletubbies character jigsaw is also a big hit, with a little man fascinated by the contrasting colours and large pieces.

Both of these puzzles are perfect for developing hand eye coordination and problem solving. It is also lovely to see the girls adapt their game play to play with their younger brother and to see how much he loved playing with his sisters.

Once play has finished all pieces can be stored in the side of Noo-Noo which is a feature I really love. I like that everything can be tidied away and so that they can easily access the pieces when they are ready to play again. I can see a little man having a lot of fun with the a teletubbies giant pull and play Noo-Noo as he gets older, especially given how much the girls love to watch them on TV!

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