The day it rained

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A rainy day in the school holidays can either mean braving the wet weather and playing outside, the girls did not want to do this or staying inside and playing games. They opted to play games. I love playing board games and I love how it can spark so much conversation and discussion. This is also the case when playing with a 5 and 4 year old.

As Little man napped we decided to play the first of our board game, postman pat word rhyming game.  There are two games within the box, we played the word rhyming game.  The great thing about this is that the cards are coloured, so those who cannot read can match up the colours.  However it did mean that my eldest, who is able to read, spotted this and instead of rhyming just matched up the colours.  

Later we decided to play another game, Don't rock the boat. This game had us all laughing and made some serious concentration faces, the tongue of concentration even made a few appearance.

The game involves balancing penguins on a wobbly pirate boat, a penguin goes overboard and you loose. Rather simple concept but ever so fun to play. The boat bobbed up and down as it was loaded with penguins. Each penguin that fell over board was met with a laugh and the game restarted. Little man, who was now awake, stood and watched from the safety of his jumperoo. He was totally mesmerised by the game, and the girls just loved seeing how many penguins they could balance in one go.

It might have spent the whole day raining, but that did not matter as we had such a good time indoors.

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  1. It does sound like you had a lovely day...
    Board games are such fun! We've played quite a few during these holidays x


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