6 months old

Half a year seems to have gone in the blink of an eye.  I look at Little Man and he no longer looks like a little baby to me, instead a handsome Little boy who is incredibly curious about the world around him is emerging.

For the past month Little Man has been teething, and his two bottom teeth have made their appearance in the last few days.  He still loves to chew on everything and anything.  If he grabs it he eats it!  

He loves food, preferring savoury tastes to sweet but he is now on 3 meals a day and enjoying different tastes.  We are doing a combination of baby led weaning and puree food, either way Little Man is happy if he can eat it!

He has just gone into size 3-6 month clothes but it looks as though they may become tight any day now, as he is growing so quickly at the minute.

Little Man is desperate to crawl and can get himself into a crawl position but just goes no where, yet.  He can however move around a room and does so by rolling, or pulling/dragging himself.  

In addition to trying to crawl Little Man is trying to sit independently.  He can do so for several seconds before toppling over, and usually because he tries to reach for something or move somewhere.  If he sat still he would stay upright!  

I simply cannot believe how much has changed in a month.  Two teeth, moving and the next clothing size.  Little Man is gaining his independence and confidence every day.  A really happy and smiley Little Baby and a real delight to be around.  I am loving watching him grow and develop and become a Little boy.

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