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Often when I shop in Aldi I see the items in the beauty aisle and wonder just how good they are, especially compared to the leading brands. The packaging for one thing looks very similar, often better but what is the quality of the item like inside? Aldi sent me a couple of items from their range to try, however as I have no comparison I gave them to my Mum to have a look at for me,

First up was the 3 minute peel.

The peel States very clearly don't leave on longer than 3 minutes, my Mum followed the instructions but did say that her skin feel tingly whilst it was on. The peel comes supplied with a brush for application and this made the application easy to do. After 3 minutes was up the peel was easy to wash off. My Mum says she noticed a difference in the appearance of her skin, it looked and felt clean.

Wrinkle smoother

Using the nozzle it was easy to apply and gave no tingling sensations. My Mum did ask what the target age for this cream might be and I have to wonder the same? She also said it might be too early to tell if there are any results, but overall she liked the cream.

Serum concentrate

My Mum was a little concerned that the serum is black, however once applied to the skin it is clear. You only need a small amount of serum, around 2-3 pumps and it is easy to apply. A small concern for my Mum is that it left her skin feeling rather tacky, even with this tacky feeling she was still able to apply foundation or a moisturiser and the skin afterwards does feel soft.

Have you tried any items for Aldi beauty range?

All words are my Mum honest opinion 

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