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We love receiving new books and the girls love reading. Little man has also got into the routine of a story before bed and loves to listen to a story usually read by me but sometimes from his sisters.

Maverick have launched three new books and they are some of their most anticipated titles this year.

The New LIBEARian by Alison Donakd and illustrated by Alex Wilmore

After reading this book the girls wanted to visit the library. We do visit weekly but they had to go the very next morning. They wanted to look for Goldilocks. What I love most about this book is it allows children to use their imagination and shows them that it is OK to role play. This is a story that they can relate to and a story that is great for bed time to help them unwind. I loved that they asked to visit the library after reading the book. The illustrations are also really bright and colourful and Little Man loved reaching out for them.

Mr Mustachio by Yasmin Finch and illustrated by Abigail Tompkins

This is perhaps my favourite of the three we were sent. The girls were giggling at Mr Mustachio moustache and the things he got up to. They both said oh no when he went on the roundabout, and I shall not say any more. The girls do now like playing the game Mr Mustachio and they run around placing objects as moustaches and shouting out Mr Mustachio!

A knit and a knot by Amanda Brandon

This is the third book in the series and the girls have said it is their favourite! The girls already love the characters and are familiar with the flow of the stories from reading the previous books. They loved following the charters in the trail of the missing red wool and loved the ending to the story even more! This is a delightful one to read and another prefect for bed times.

Thanks to Maverick for sending the books to us to read! All words are my own opinion 

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