Game On, Cooks #GameOnCooks

Hands up if you are as guilty as I am when it comes to pinning every recipe, watching all the cookery shows and owning the latest cook books, yet when it comes to actual cooking I still play it safe with the dishes I know.  My desire to cook better is there, my creativity is there but I have a fear of doing perhaps? Lurpak want to know, am I a spectator or a player? They are wanting to start a revolution and challenge us to turn off the TV, put down the smart phone and cook!  That is exactly what the girls and I did this Sunday afternoon we strapped on our aprons and cooked. 

The issue you have is that when you ask a 6 and a 4 year old what they want to cook, they come up with the following responses:

chocolate cake
chocolate buns

So we made chocolate buns

 The girls measured out all the ingredients, and mixed everything together themselves, of course adding Lurpak. 

The girls carefully scooped the mixture out of the bowl and into the cases, and I helped to put the buns in the oven.

The girls then got to lick the bowl and I think my youngest may have took it a bit too far.

We spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking, making buns and cooking dinner.  Lurpak challenge accepted, we cooked!

This post is written in conjunction with Lurpak. 

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