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Whilst a firm believer of the 'it takes 9 months to grow a baby, and 9 months to loose the baby weight' at nearly 7 months my weight seems to have stopped still.  I am still several dress sizes bigger than pre Little Man and my weight is still heavier than before pregnancy too.  Shake that weight contacted me to offer me a 2 week trial to see if their plans would help.

The first step was to choose a plan.  The main three are:

Shake it Off - Very Low Calorie diet
Shift and Shake - Ketosis 
Simply Shake - Total food replacement

As I am still wanting to run and the Shift and Shake and Simply shake only recommend light exercise I decided that the Shake it off plan would be the best for me.  I am not expecting miracle results as the average duration is 12 weeks, with the recommended minimum 4 weeks.  However I feel 2 weeks is a good indication and will also help me determine how easy it is to follow.

I think part of my weight is due to my very sweet tooth.  I love cakes, chocolate, sweets in fact anything sugary.  I have an association that when stressed I eat, or when I am working or concentrating I like to have a bag of sweets next to me.  The Shake it off plan allows you to have a low calorie evening meal and a shake that weight product for breakfast and for lunch, as well as one snack.

My first day on the plan and I felt terrible.  Suffering with bad headaches, bad hunger pains and mood swings.  It may have been my bodies way of wanting sugar and I really felt like giving up.  Day 2 was very similar, only to a lesser extent and by day 3 they had disappeared.  

I found if I did not drink enough water I would feel tired, sluggish and have a heavy headache.  As the week progressed I found things did get easier.  Managing 3 children and looking after 2 dogs I was worried my energy levels might not be as high as needed, but I had no issues.  Running was also not a problem.

As for the meals themselves I was pleasantly surprised.  The shakes were lovely and thick and creamy, the soups were full of flavour and the snack bars gave me the sweet hit I craved.  What surprised me was the size of the portions and I guess this is something I am going to take away.  Look at the portion size and the type of food I am eating.  Also know that I can go without that biscuit or cake! 

Overall I have lost 2.3Kg in 2 weeks.  It might not sound a lot but it has given me a confidence boost.  Shake that weight have helped me to break bad habits, and I now know I can get through the day with out all that sugar.  Needing to look at them more as treats, and also look more at the portion sizes of food that I do eat.  I shall be taking away a lot from the last two weeks, and hopefully this will help me to continue to regain my pre baby weight. 

Shake that weight provided me with 2 weeks of food in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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