Preparing dinner for the whole family

During the week life is pretty hectic.  The girls have various after school clubs on most days and as a result we are often dashing from one place to the other.  The weekends are race days, homework and seeing family which means we never seem to sit still.  I often feel a little guilty that Little Man is having mainly pre made baby food for his meals, whereas with the girls I made the majority of their food.  It really is a time issue as there are not enough hours in the day to cook twice and I no longer have evenings free to prepare meals here.

Babymoov offered me a solution, the Nutribaby.  The Nutribaby has two main components, one blends and the other steams.  Only it offers a lot more than this.  The steamer section is able to defrost, warm up jars of baby food, warm up bottles of milk and even steriliser bottles.  You can do all this whilst the blender is in use, saving time.  

The steam function is really easy to use and the digital time program means timings can be to the minute.  The capacity is great and I was able to steam two pieces of fish and all the veg for our dinner in one go.

The guide gives you recipe ideas along with timings for various food items.  The veg took less time to steam than the fish so I was able to add this tray in later.  This is great for steaming different items, and therefore cooking a whole meal.

I was really surprised at how much the Nutribaby can do.  As Little Man is getting older he is drinking less milk and so the Nutribaby means we can use this for sterilising his bottles, whilst I blend his food, or whilst I make a smoothie for the girls.  The steamer allows me to cook a whole meal for the whole family, which ultimately saves me time.  I can now have less appliances on the work top as no need for a separate steriliser, a separate bottle warmer or even a separate blender or steamer.  

The Nutribaby is also easy to clean as the components are dishwasher safe, meaning I can save time on the washing up too.  This really is stress less weaning!

As for Little Man, I think he enjoyed eating freshly cooked food with the whole family even if the beetroot gave him a purple moustache. 

All words are my own opinion, we were sent a Nutribaby for this post. 

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