Pretend to bee

There is something wonderful about watching a child's imagination unfold right in front of you.  As they dress up and become that character.  Magic pours from their fingertips and everything they touch glitters.  

Watching my youngest daughter run around the garden as she pretended to be a fairy, and watch her face light up as she sprinkled magic and fairy dust over the garden was simply wonderful.

Gracefully walking between the plants, her sparkly red and silver wings behind her.  Her hand gripping her sparkling wand tightly.

Gorgeous detailing on her dress from Pretend to bee of roses and flowers, you can see where her inspiration came from to be a flower fairy.

The wind lightly blowing her dress, it was perfect for twirling and running in.  During the summer and warmer months she will be able to not wear a t-shirt under the dress, but for now she needed the warmth.

As the evening began to draw in there was just enough time to stand in her castle and admire the garden and everywhere her magic had touched.

Thank you to Pretend to bee for sending my daughter this fairy dress.  There is a wonderful fairy giveaway over on their Facebook page.  All words are my own opinion. 

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