Review : Half-Shell Heroes Squeeze Em's

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a firm favourite in our house when I was little.  My sister loved Michelangelo and I loved Leonardo.  With the recent come back it would appear that the turtles are becoming popular with the girls, just as they had been with me and my sister.

My youngest daughter received a brand new toy from Flair Plc, a Half-Shell Heroes Squeeze-Em's.  She could not wait to give it a go and began squeezing the turtle.

Upon squeezing the shell the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle eyes and tongue pop out, and there are shouts and burps as well.  

The harder you squeeze, the higher they shout.  The longer you squeeze, the longer they shout!  There are multiple sounds, phrases and burp noises.  

Both girls find the noises incredibly funny and try to beat each other to see who can do the loudest or the longest noise.  The arms are also movable, but the girls seem to just prefer to squeeze and see how much noise they can make the turtle make!  The girls have had so much fun the the Half-Shell Heroes Squeeze Em's they find them incredibly funny.

We were sent the item for review,all words are my own opinion

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