Run to Xmas

My body has gone on an incredible journey over the past 6 years.  A journey that I would not change for all the money in the world, as it brought me three gorgeous children but a journey which has left my body stretched and scared.  I look in the mirror and no longer recognise me.  My ankles ache each morning with the extra weight, and I am still 2 dress sizes bigger than I was before Little Man, and 3 dress sizes bigger than before my eldest.

Autumn is on its way which brings with it lots of birthdays, wedding anniversary and then Christmas.  Each one an excuse to over indulge, an excuse to eat cake and generally an excuse to hibernate.  I have decided a big shake up is in order, as my current body size and shape is really starting to depress me.  

The first part of this is eating.  I have replaced my sugary, snack type breakfast with a meal replacement shake.  I decided to bulk buy enough for two weeks in order to make the most of savings and have everything delivered, mainly so I do not have to take 3 children shopping and can concentrate on different meal replacement options.  In addition to breakfasts I also ordered some Slim Fast snack bars, as they were on offer, and a few other items.  

Whilst it is still too early to see results I am pleasantly surprised by the SlimFast bars, as they have helped with my chocolate cravings.  The shakes also give me enough energy for the day ahead with 3 children, and enough to complete 5 Km parkrun!  As I ordered these through Chemist Direct , they are also on a auto-reorder feature so I can have them delivered when I need them.  Perfect for a busy Mum.  In addition there are lots of other products I can add to the order if I need them, like baby wipes for Little Man or toiletries.  [For 10% off your order at Chemist direct use code 1CD10OFF16]

The second part is getting out and keeping active.  I have decided to set up a hashtag on Instagram, #RunToXmas .  I am hoping to build a community so we can all motivate each other.  The idea is to run/walk.cycle/swim/jog 1 mile every day until Christmas.  The way the mile is completed is entirely up to an individual.  Some people may want to walk others run, and it is whatever fits in with your lifestyle.  It can also be more than 1 mile, 1 mile is the minimum.

I do hope to see you on Instagram using #RunToXmas, it would be great to share the journey together.

Chemist direct provided the Slim Fast bars and meal replacement shake mentioned.  All words re my own opinion 

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