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When I started this blog four years ago it was my way of combating postnatal depression. I started to look for a positive in each day and began to capture them. My positive could have been anything from managing to get myself and the girls ready before lunch or simply that we got out the house, whatever it was it was something to focus on and helped me to overcome postnatal depression. The blog then began to expand and became a way for me to capture my precious Mummy moments, an online journal of my days with my children. I try to keep it this way and try to create as many memories for my children as I can.

Capturing my positive moments has expanded recently onto Instagram, and staying with the same theme as the blog I now use the hashtag #capturemypositive. This is to capture that moment you want to remember, or the positive from each day. Try to turn a negative into a positive. There are some great bloggers and non-bloggers who have started to use the hashtag too with some amazing photos and it's a great way to cheer you up on a bad day. At the end of the week I pick one photo to share from all those shared as my weekly featured image and would love you to join in.

This blog has also opened up a world of possibilities for my children and I am grateful for each and everyone. Most recently a wonderful opportunity from Petplan Equine horse insurance landed in my email inbox. My youngest daughter really wants a unicorn, however trying to explain that this is impossible to a four year old is rather tricky. She spends ages drawing unicorns, pretending to be a unicorn and generally asking for a unicorn.

Petplan Equine horse insurance wanted to make my youngest daughters dream come true. In order to do so they needed to know exactly what kind of unicorn she would like, and what it would look like. She drew the following:

It is sparkly but does not show well on the picture. The blue circles are buttons and there are wings, rainbow hair and a unicorn horn. The yellow things are its legs and feet. I think everything a unicorn should have she has covered. I sent the picture to Petplan.

A few weeks later and her unicorn arrived. Every detail my daughter drew has been captured, giving her her dream unicorn. I am really excited for Christmas when she will see her unicorn.

‘This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine, but all thoughts are my own’.

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