TEKSTA Voice recognition Puppy

The girls have a new addition to the family, TEKSTA.  Our new TEKSTA puppy features voice recognition, making him one of the most advanced robotic puppy.  The girls could not wait to get TEKSTA out of the box to play.

As with any puppy TEKSTA needs training.  The girls began with the hand gesture training, training him to sit and jump.  TEKSTA picked this up with no problems and the girls laughed every time he jumped.  TEKSTA lets you know how happy he is with his flashing multi-coloured LED eyes.  His ears move too, adding to the charm.

We progressed to playing ball, TEKSTA also likes to sniff just like a real dog and he soon got hungry.  The girls fed him his bone, which flashes whilst he is eating.  After food it was time for a sing and a dance.  TEKSTA has two built in songs to sing.

TEKSTA has sensors on the front so when you call him he comes to you, and stops without bumping into you.  This is very handy when two girls are calling him and they find it amazing he stops when he gets to them.

There are 10 voice commands and just like a real dog it took TEKSTA some time to master them.

The girls favourite command is either flip or roll over.  They love it when he performs the somersault.  Little Man has even taken a liking to the bright lights and sounds of TEKSTA.

TEKSTA is one very clever puppy and can be linked up to an app for more advanced features. The girls simply adore him and love how he acts just like a real dog!

TEKSTA was sent in exchange for a review, all words are my own opinion

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