Gift guide - for the sweet tooth

I will be the first to admit I have a sweet tooth.  During this years Christmas in July previews I encountered lots of tempting treats.  Here are my favourites for this year:

1. Rococo Chocolate

I could have stayed at this preview all day, everything looked and smelled delicious.  Ice cream, chocolate candles and of course chocolate treats but my stand out item was this tree.  I love how it could be a decoration on the table at Christmas, a gift before Christmas or a treat to share on Christmas day.  The colours and flavour are out of this world, and certainly one for the top of any sweet tooth wish list.

2. Lakeland cookie cutters

I love to bake with the girls and as we are huge superhero fans these cookie cutters from Lakeland would make a perfect gift.  We can create our own awesome cookies with real WOW factor!

3. Hampers

I love putting together a hamper of food for Christmas and none more so than one full of sweet treats.  Stag bakeries offers sweet straws which are like the classic straw with just a twist.  They are the perfect accompaniment or treat and look wonderful in a Christmas hamper.

Peter’s Yard offer authentic, traditional style Swedish crispbread made here in the UK.  Whilst not sweet themselves, they can work great with sweet treats and help to build up the hamper and create a perfect balance.  

 For something a little different and a bit special to add to the hamper Baru Marshmallows are the perfect choice.  The marshmallows come in a variety of flavours including sea salt caramel and are a true bite of happiness.  I love the sweet taste and the uniqueness of the marshmallows.  They would make a perfect gift on their own, but a great addition to any hamper. 

4. Personalised Marshmallows

Two years ago I met the team at Boomf and loved the flavours.  They are back with even more designs for Christmas this year.  The popular 9 box which you can customise with your own images along with the 2 box, Mallowpops and Mallow Baubles.  There really is something for everyone.

5. Traditional sweets

There is always someone at Christmas who is a little difficult to buy for or even for the friend who loves everything.  Traditional sweets may not seem like an obvious choice but Mr Stanley's range of sweets there is really something for everyone.  From kids to adults there are all your childhood favourites and a whole lot more

What are your top finds for a gift for a person with a sweet tooth?

6. Butterkist Popcorn

Butterkist have a rather wonderful range of festive treats available.  With popcorn in amazing flavours such as gingerbread, salted caramel and choc mallow.  I know my girls would love a packet of popcorn in as a stocking filler for Christmas.  

I have received no financial compensation for this guide.  The only samples I have received are those mentioned in the hamper section. 

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