Little Man at 7 months

My little baby no longer seems a baby!  He is growing into a gorgeous little boy full of curiosity and with the most gorgeous smile.  We have lots of comments om how happy and chilled he is and he really is.  I could not ask for a more pleasant and happy baby.  

This past month seems to have been all about firsts, he has had his first go on a swing

His first time in a shopping trolley [bad picture I know]

His first race

His first finger foods

He can now crawl and loves to chase the dogs

He loves his feet!

His first arena show

He has now got two bottom teeth and the top four buds are showing so I don't think they will take much longer.

Little man now has three meals a day.  Porridge in the morning with fruit fingers or toast, for lunch he has bread sticks, fruit and veg sticks, cheese and some of those finger puff crisps, I also give him a Petits Filous fromage frais, as they are a good source of vitamin D and calcium, both of which are vital for bone development, as he is now having less milk and it is important he has Vitamin D.  He will have what we have for dinner and he loves beans on toast and chilli con carne!  Between lunch and dinner and before bed he has 7oz of milk and another milk feed around 11pm.

He has 2 to 3 naps during the day.  One around 9am for about an hour, I tend to use this time to tidy up and get a bit of housework done.  Another nap early afternoon around 1.30 ish and this can be any length from 10mins to 2 hours.  Dependant on this he may have another nap around 4ish.  His bath he demands around 6-6.30 and he knows after this it is bedtime and will sleep until his feed at 11.  The past few weeks he has started waking 2 or 3 times in the night after 11 but he was sleeping though until 6 so I am not sure why this is happening.  He normally wakes at 6.30am and is certainly not a morning person.  Little man is also trying to pull himself to standing and if it wasn't for his left foot turned under him he would be standing.

Things Little Man love this month includes

- Pulling his sisters hair!
- Bouncing in his Jumperoo
- Chasing the dogs
- Chasing balls and playing in his ball pit
- Stroking chins

He loves men who have beards and all ladies [with or without beards!], he gives them very big smiles.  He gets excited when he sees someone he knows and his arms and legs wave and his whole body jumps up and down!

 He is such an amazing Little boy and a real pleasure to be with all day, I am looking forward to the next month.  Both his sisters started walking with furniture at 8 months and I wonder if Little Man will do the same?

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