Puppy In My pocket Twitter Party

Last week we took part in a Puppy in my pocket twitter party, there were lots of great prizes to be won during the 2 hours and lots of fun to be had at home too!

The girls are both big fans of the 'In my Pocket' range, and they often have blind bags bought for them as a treat and as a reward when they complete their reward charts.  Each of the Puppies have their own unique characters and there are lots to collect.  My youngest loves the one on the scooter and my eldest has a corgi, she calls it the Queens dog.

We had a very important job to do for our party and that was to make party cakes, well no party would be complete without cake!

My youngest set to work icing the buns and sticking on Puppy in my pocket rice paper to decorate them.  They looked really good and my youngest, who is food obsessed, said it was her favourite part of the party!

All our guests go to play with 2 puppy in my pocket toys, the new castle and the playground.  Both were a huge hit and are really great for any puppy in my pocket fan.  The playground proved to be the most popular, which surprised me as I though the castle would be.  Perhaps it was the slide that they liked!  Our guest also got to play some Puppy in my pocket games such as pairs and snap.  Not wanting to be left out Little Man kept joining in with snap.

I love the down time in twitter parties too, where the children get to do puzzles and colour in.  It gives me chance to catch up with twitter and find out what is going on.  The children all really enjoy this time too and came up with some wonderful master pieces.

As usual the party seems to fly by and our guests left with some amazing goodies in their party bag, including some of the new blind bags for Kitty in my Pocket!  I can see the girls liking this just as much as the Puppy in my Pocket!

We were party hosts for the twitter party mentioned. 

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