Thule : Running with style

Now the girls are back at school full time I am wanting to get out and about more and do more running.  I do have Little Man with me and have waited until he is older than 6 months and able to sit without support, as per recommendations, until I take him running with me.  Running with a baby is a completely different experience to running without but I want to continue my active lifestyle and ensure Little Man is safe, protected and with me in doing so.

The Thule Glide is a high performance sports stroller from the market leader Thule.  I was impressed by how lightweight the Thule was, which makes it a dream to run with.  The frame as an aerodynamic design making it perfect for running, and I tested it out on a variety of terrains and had no issues.

There is minimal assembly to the Thule glide, simply attach the wheels and it is ready to go out the box.  The front wheel is fixed which helps to increase stability, particularly when running at a fast pace.  The harness is easy to fasten and adjust and Little Man rides in comfort thanks to the padded seat.  Whilst the seat does recline to almost lie flat, it is suitable for 6 months plus unless used with the infant adaptors.

Even when running over bumps and off road Little Man always had a smile on his face, laughing at everything we ran past.  The rear suspension meant he had a smooth and comfortable ride.  

The top of the seat is vented and the canopy has multiple positions to help protect him from the elements.  There is a window in the canopy so I can keep an eye on him at all times.  The Thule glide does not come with a rain cover however, this needs to be purchased separately so I at the moment I cannot run if there is a chance of rain. 

In addition to the foot brake there is also an easy to reach handle bar front brake, which is perfect when running down hills.  The handle bar can be adjusted to suit your running style too, which makes it even more comfortable to run with.

The fold is incredibly easy and I have never seen a fold like it before.  Quick, simple and can be down with one hand.  The fold mechanism is cleverly hidden away so there can be no accidental folding, which is often the case with one handed folding mechanism. 

The whole look and feel of the Thule glide is simply perfect for running.  There is lots of storage for anything you might need when out.  A very large storage basket under the seat, two net pockets at the side of the seat and a large net pocket at the back of the seat.

Running with the Thule glide is a dream, it reacts really well to your movements meaning it becomes an extension of yourself rather than having to work at pushing the stroller round.  I have found it works equally as well on road as off road, although I have not yet run through deep mud I cannot envisage this becoming an issue.

By removing the wheels you can get a very compact small fold, and whilst simple to do this I had no need to do so as it fitted in the back of my car with the wheels attached.  There is actually plenty of room in front of the Thule glide but the black of the carpet makes it appear otherwise.

The Thule glide allows me to run with Little Man and I am not limited about where or when I can run.  I love that I can continue an active lifestyle and that Little Man can become a part of this too.  

The Thule glide was sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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