Tonka : Mini Wobble Wheels

Little Man is developing a real sense of adventure.  He can now crawl at lightening speed and can get where water cannot!  He loves to explore and figure out what things do.  As a result he is playing more, and wanting to play with everything he can get his hands on.  He loves chasing things, like balls and balloons.  He now has a new toy to chase after.

As mentioned in a previous post, we are working with Tonka trucks.  and Little Man now has his very own Tonka truck.  My first Tonka is a collection of chunky vehicles which are clearly made for little hands.  

Little Man took straight to his Tonka truck and worked out how to make the lights flash on the front.  He was fascinated with the noise it made too.

Another of Little Mans new tricks is to hit things really hard, or throw them.  All Tonka toys are built to last and come with a life time guarantee so I know no matter how hard Little Man plays with them they will be able to withstand his play.

Tonka have been creating toys for over 70 years and we love that they withstand the test of time.  There are a great range of chunky vehicles available making them very collectable, and if they put a smile on Little Mans face like this then they must be good!

It is safe to say that Little Man has lots of fun chasing his Tonka truck around.  He loves the bright colours, sounds and flashing lights.  He loves that is has been built with him in mind and his little hands, and I love that is it built to last. 

This post is part of out partnership with Tonka.  All words are my own opinion. 

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