8 month update

This time last year I had finished my last run and had started physio for the damage to my abdominal muscles.  I was really starting to feel the weight of pregnancy and whilst enjoying it, it was starting to hurt.  I cannot believe that that was a year ago and I now have a beautiful blue eye baby boy.  

This past month seems to be all about his personality developing.  He has such a curious and inquisitive soul.  A pure adventurer at heart.  Little Man does not want to be picked up, or strapped into something, he wants to be exploring.  His crawling has become very quick these past few weeks.  In addition to crawling he can now pull himself to standing and loves nothing more than climbing up things, or crawling through tunnels.  

We have been on our first holiday abroad and he loved spending time with all his family.  The flight was no problem, he slept the whole way, the only issue we had was he did not want to wear his seat belt and kept undoing it!  He smiled at everyone he saw and seemed to relish all the attention he got.  

He has begun talking and making sounds.  Trying to copy 'Hiya' when he sees someone and says 'oggie' when he sees the dogs.  He says 'dada' and 'gaga' and when tired says 'gollagollagolla' no idea why.

For the first time Little Man is now in clothes for his age, and above.  He now wears 9-12 months clothes having missed size 6-9 months.  He loves his food and in particular finger foods.  His other love is water and gains so much enjoyment from splashing.

I am really excited to see what the next month holds and watch his character develop further.

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