Morun 2016

As I drove down the tree lined drive of Temple Newsam I had a funny feeling come over me.  The last time I made this drive was a year ago.  It was raining, foggy and very cold outside and I was pregnant with Little Man.  In the same way I was making my way to the start of Morun Leeds, only then was my last race and now was my first.

Although I had run in the Global energy race a few weeks ago, this was my first race without the kids.  My first race just me and I was a little apprehensive.  I knew I would finish better than last year, where I came last, but it wasn't about that.  It was more the fact I was alone, because for the past year I had run pregnant so in a strange way always had someone with me, now it was just me.

I collected my race number and headband, which I used to warm up my ears, and headed towards the start line.  The atmosphere was electric and there were people dressed up as various superheros and characters scattered all over the fields around the start line. 

Nursing a knee injury, no idea what I have done, I decided to take it steady and not push hard up the hills.  The course was enjoyable as last year.  Beautiful scenery and a good variety of surfaces to run on [and up].  Even a duck pond to run around.  I have absolutely no idea what my time was, but I know I did not finish last.  Whichever way I loved the run and I love my curved medal! Certainly one of my favourite pieces of race bling.

The Morun is an incredibly fun race.  Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and having a good time.  The race bling is fantastic and more than makes up for the hills at Temple Newsam.  Incredibly well organised and lots to see, Morun is a must in my race calendar.  Even better it raises money for a great cause!

Whilst my race entry was provided for all words are my own opinion and I will be entering again next year!

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