An evening with my girls

Having the girls share my passions and likes is such an amazing feeling.  I have never forced them to like anything but simply allow them to experience different opportunities in order to make up their own mind.  One of their loves is wrestling, although they still call it pants man and they get incredibly excited at the thought of watching 'pants man' live.

WWE live recently toured in Leeds and we were invited to attend.  Upon telling the girls I was met with squeals of delight and for the whole day the question was asked [several times] if it was time to go yet.

The atmosphere inside the arena was electric, a real buzz of excitement filling the air.  The joy on the children's faces and the adults too, as they hurried quickly to their seats.  Watching them peer over and looking towards the ring in the centre of the arena.  Checking watches and phones, tweeting with joy and wondering when the event will begin.

Then the lights go out.

The arena is black.

Cheers and chants start, lights flicker on mobile phone and the presenter shouts ' Hello Leeds' .  The girls look over at me and smile, giggle and you can see their legs jumping up and down with excitement.  Wrestling is about to start. 

Watching WWE live is a totally different experience to watching at home on the TV.  The wrestlers seem more relaxed and seem to feed from the energy within the crowd.  Their is a real sense of awe as you watch the strength and agility of each wrestler.  Each amazing in their own right.  Their signature moves met with cheers from the crowd, and occasionally a few comedy twists thrown in much to the delight of the audience. 

The wrestlers spend time outside of the ring too which is always met with positive chants from the crowd.  In fact the wrestlers appear to be trying new and inventive ways to take the action outside of the ring, often high flying and always spectacular!

Just when you thought you had seen everything wrestling could offer, one wrestlers comes along and changes it all.  A home grown talent Neville was met with perhaps the loudest cheer of the night.  Certainly 99% of phone users in the audience had their phone out at one point to try and capture a shot of the man who gravity forgot.  Higher than any other wrestler by a long way.  The blur in the photo is him as he twists and turns through the air, how he does it I have no idea but it is fascinating to watch. 

My youngest daughter always wants to know when they will get the table out.  At the start of every match she asked if the tables were coming, she was not disappointed.  At least one of the matches featured tables and chairs.

In fact in terms of entertainment I think this was my favourite so far.  There was plenty of additional stories but without diluting the amount of wrestling.  Even the referees got involved in the action.

Several matches featured belts which in some ways always amuses me, as the outcome of the match is almost predictable.  How would you explain to other fans why the belt is held by someone else? However this does not deter from the enjoyment or the edge of your seat count, as you wait those 3 seconds to see who has won.

The evening seemed to fly past, the girls laughing and enjoying themselves.  They loved every second watching WWE live and even got a giggle in the car park queue when we passed 4 men dressed up, and in full dress I might add, as famous wrestlers from my childhood!

This day I love an evening with my girls

I was provided with tickets in exchange for this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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