Enchanted Christmas

Stockeld Park prides itself as the home of adventure, and allowing children to let their imagination flow free.  Recently Stockeld Park opened its doors ready for the Halloween and Christmas adventure and we visited on the opening night.  There was a real buzz about the place, the air was cold and crisp and the whole park was decorated ready for Halloween.

After eating our fish and chips and meeting the mascots we began exploring.  The main playground was closed, as it was too dark to play, so instead we headed over to the ice rink.  Last time we visited was for the summer adventure and there had been roller skating in the rink instead.  The girls were very eager to have a go.

There is a fabulous maze at Stockeld park which is pushchair friendly, and so we decided to get lost in there.  Only we managed to complete it really quickly and did not get lost once! Perhaps because we have completed it a few times or maybe it was just our lucky night?

The Enchanted forest was our next stop.  The cold air and dark night added to the spooky Halloween atmosphere as we walked through the forest.  Our only stopping points was to stop at the various themed playgrounds along the way.

The playgrounds were well lit and offered space for the girls to play.  Each had a theme and offered different challenges which allowed the girls to interact differently each time.  Sometimes team work was required and others they had to take turns, there was even the ability for independent play. 

As the dark night drew in it was time for us to leave the Enchanted Forest and make our way home.  We will be back over Christmas to have a Christmas adventure and possibly meet the man himself.

Thank you to Stockeld Park for inviting us to attend.

This day I love Enchanted Christmas

I have not been asked to write this post, all words are my own opinion. 

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