Scarborough in a day

During the school holidays we caught a train to Scarborough.  Yorkshire is such an amazing place to live, countryside and the Pennines on one side and an hour on the train gorgeous beaches and the seaside.  It is no wonder we love to be outside with all that Yorkshire has to offer.

Scarborough is one of my favourite places.  The mix of old and new, clean beaches and plenty to keep the whole family occupied.  Split into two distinct areas, the North Bay and South Bay.  South Bay is where you will find the fairground, the traditional 2p slot machines and the beach shops selling t-shirts, buckets and spades and souvenirs.  We rarely visit the South Bay as we much prefer the traditional feel of the North Bay.

North Bay has barely changed in the 30 years I have been visiting Scarborough.  Gone are the chairlifts and outdoor pools, instead replaced with a modern outdoor theatre and park.  Kinderland, a favourite from my childhood, has also long gone and replaced with a modern indoor water park.  Scarborough has undergone many transformations, yet its feel, its heart, still remains true to its roots.  Which is why, perhaps, that the changes seem to have merged into the old, and the roots of Scarborough remain untouched.

The white pyramids of the Sealife centre dominate one point of the North pier, which is in contrast to the ruins of Scarborough castle at the other.  Old meets new, both fit and shape the coastal path of Scarborough.  Children happily playing in the clean sandy beaches below, searching for crabs and other marine life in the rock pools or building sandcastles with their family.  There is a real welcoming atmosphere as you stroll along the promenade. 

The promenade is lined with restaurants, which welcome both children and dogs, a surf school, and ice cream parlour.  It is a great place to simply sit and watch the world go past, watching the excitement of the children heading towards the beach.

It is from here you can catch an open top bus which drives down to South Bay, or the steam train which takes you to the SeaLife centre.  The walk to the SeaLife centre is flat, and easy for a 4 year old to manage or even to push a pushchair.  Unless you choose to walk through the gardens, which has a few more hills.  Walking down the promenade you pass a selection of ice cream vans, the colourful beach huts and mini golf.  The promenade has not changed and as I walked down it holding my children's hands I have flash backs to my own childhood doing the exact same thing.

Scarborough is the very essence of a British summer time, the very heart and soul of what the seaside means.  It is a place where memories are made, and laughter goes on well into the night.  A chance for friendships to grow and for new ones to be made.  Scarborough has something for everyone, is welcoming to all and is where my heart belongs.

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  1. I absolutely love going to Scarborough for the day, definitely one of my favourite places in Yorkshire x


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