NEW Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer from Nuby

When the girls were babies we had a microwave steriliser, and with Little man we opted for an electronic steam steriliser.  Although when on holiday we take a cold water steriliser with us.  Nuby have reinvented the steriliser with their new Natural Touch Steriliser and Dryer.  It is like no other steriliser I have ever come across.

The unit has three functions:

1. Sterilise only
2. Sterilise and quick dry
3. Sterilise and Super dry

The functions are selected via a push down button and a blue light illuminates which option is currently selected.  To select the button is held down for 3 seconds.  It is incredibly simple and easy to use and gives you the option to dry the items if you wish.  Once selected it can simply be left as drying, if chosen, will start automatically. 

The unit is tall and slim and modular, which means each part can be washed and cleaned if needed.  The steriliser can hold five bottles of any brand, and you can sterilise anything suitable for steam sterilising.  This makes it really convenient.

I love the look and feel of the steriliser.  The black slimline sleek look makes it feel very modern.  It takes up very little worktop space too making it great for those tight on kitchen space.  The fact the top rack can be lifted out, also make it more hygienic than those where you have to remove the top of the bottle and place it on the side before you can get to the bottle itself.  

The unit follows the same basic instruction for sterilising and is simply and easy to do.  I became a little mesmerised by the steam out of the vents and on the first go will admit to watching to make sure the dry cycle started automatically.  

The dry cycle is amazing.  Whilst the time taken on the dry cycle is relatively long, I put the bottles on over night so time has no real impact in this circumstance.  To be honest it is well worth it anyway as the bottles do come out super dry with no drops of water.  This is incredibly hygienic as they do not need to then be dried after sterilising, like some conventional steam sterilisers.  

I cannot recommend the Nuby Natural Touch steriliser and dryer enough.  The ability to dry bottles automatically is such a fantastic idea, no more condensation and water droplets!

I have not been asked to write this post or provided with compensation.  I did receive the steriliser to complete a test survey.  All words are my own opinion. 

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