Similac Follow On Milk for babies aged 6 to 12 months #ad

Little man is 8 months old and has started to drop his milk feeds during the day in favour of food.  His weaning is going well and he enjoys a wide variety of foods with the only food he will not eat so far is coconut.  He has a good varied diet and he eats a combination of mashed food and finger food.  Currently Little Man has 2 milk feeds during the day and 2 at night.  I wanted to ensure he was getting the correct nutrition he needed for his age and so recently switched to follow on milk

As Little Man is eating more food and dropping milk feeds it is important to me that he still has all the nutritional support he needs to support his growth and development.  When choosing a follow on milk I want one that is nutritionally balanced for his age and one which will support him at his current developmental stage.  This helps to put my mind at ease that he is getting the right amount of nutrients, particularly on days when he is teething and only wants milk.

We were recently send Similac Follow on Milk for Little Man to try.  He took to the first feed straight away and has not noticed any difference to his usual milk.  There has been no upset stomachs, or any other side effect.  As far as acceptance goes he took to it straight away with no fuss.

Similac Follow on Milk comes in a metal tin, which is different packaging to what we are used to.  I actually prefer this as it means if the worktop gets wet, the powder does not get wet and in some ways I think it stays more sterile.  The packaging itself is very bold and unusual colours for a baby brand.  It would certainly stand out on the shelf, although I am not sure if the packaging would make me want to pick up and buy given how different it looks.

Preparing the Follow on Milk is the same as any of the other follow on milks we have used.  The only difference is the ratio of scoop to water.  Most follow on milks are 1 scoop for every 1oz -30ml, Similac is 1 scoop for every 2oz or 60ml.  I am not sure how you would make up an odd oz bottle, or if you just have to stick to even.  It is not a problem for us as Little Man has 6oz bottles.  The  scoop is provided and the powder does not stick inside the scoop like it does with other follow on milks we have tried.

In addition to the tin of Similac Follow on Milk we were sent a supporting information leaflet.  The leaflet highlighted the heritage of Similac and how it has been developed as a brand over 90 years.  It is currently exclusive to Boots and online and is a leading brand around the world.  The leaflet also explains the journey from sourcing the milk to processing and distribution.  It is fascinating to read what goes into making follow on milk and also the key nutrients that are contained within Similac.  Similac is even suitable for Halal and Kosher diets.

Similac Follow on Milk does not have a smell which is really refreshing and it actually looks the same colour as regular cows milk.  This makes a welcome change as some follow on milks I won't use as they smell very chemically, whereas Similac has no smell.  Given that Little Man is finishing bottles and seems to enjoy Similac Follow on Milk I would buy in the future and recommend to other Mums.  

“I have been sponsored by Similac to try Similac Follow On Milk/Growing Up Milk and write about it on my blog. All opinions are my own.”

Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies and is recommended for as long as possible during infancy. Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby. It is difficult to reverse the decision not to breastfeed. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional for advice on how to feed your baby.

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  1. Great to hear how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  2. Yes, the smell really does make a difference! I had forgotten that about formula smell. We got on well with the milk too, I'd definitely buy it again.


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