Little angels and some me time

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Me time is very important and something I rarely get. I love my children but sometimes I just need a time out, even if it is just 10 minutes to eat a bar of chocolate in peace or to go for a run. I always come back feeling less stressed and much calmer. Asda invited me for some me time a few weeks ago and whilst only for a few hours was something I could not turn down.

Little angels is a range by Asda which has everything from bump, birth and beyond. From nappies to creams and everything in between. I was quite surprised to learn about the vast amount of products in the range. We were even given a blind Softness test of their newborn nappies against a leading nappy brand, and I have to say the little angels nappies were very soft. After learning about little angels, it was time for afternoon tea.

I cannot think of a better way to spend child free time than eating cake in peace. Although as I was choosing my cake I did think which of my daughters would like, and also thought it good they were not here as they would have eaten the cream direct from the bowl for the cream scones.

Little angles also provided me with a relaxing spa treatment, which after a stressful first week of the school holidays was also well received. I enjoyed my time so much that I simply forgot to take photos, instead just enjoyed the peace and quiet and the relaxing.

I felt really relaxed and upon returning home gave each of my children a big hug, as although I enjoyed my time away I loved coming home to them. I felt much better to tackle week 2 of the 7 week holidays!

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