Review : Shimmer and Shine Pony Tail Assortment and Wish Come True Purse set

My youngest daughter has a new favourite tv show, Shimmer and Shine.  For those not familiar with the show it follows 2 genies Shimmer and Shine and their friend Leah.  Shimmer and Shine are Genies in training and whilst they do their best to grant wishes for Leah things often go wrong.  They all work together to fix the problem and achieve a good outcome.  Personally I like the show as it helps to teach kids to learn from their mistakes and to right a wrong.  

My youngest is very much like her favourite character, Shine.  They are both always hungry, they both have a love for animals and they both are very courageous.  Her class recently had a fancy dress party and of course she wanted to attend as her favourite character.  Whilst I was unwilling to let her wear purple contact lenses I did agree to let her have blue hair, well sort of.

New from Just Play is the Pony Tail Assortment.  I put my youngest daughters hair in to a bun and the blue pony tail of Shine clipped over the top.  The bright blue sparkly hair matching that of her favourite character.  She loved that is was sparkly and had a jewel bobble just like Shine.   

My youngest daughter had to grant wishes just like Shine and began dancing and performing. 

She was very impressed with her sparkly blue hair and I think it really helped her get into character.  We didn't have a Shimmer and Shine dress up costume, but we made do with a genie costume and a yellow t shirt [ it was rather cold outside] and to add to it the Wish come true purse set.

The Wish Come True Purse Set comes complete with a purse, 2 bracelets, sticker sheets, a brush and a Magic Wish Necklace giving my youngest daughter those little extras to be Shine.  She even put a few bits in that she needed for school.

My youngest loves her Shimmer and Shine accessories and her blue hair.  As a fan of the show she loves that she can dress up like Shine and be a genie too!

All words are my own opinion, items mentioned were sent in exchange for this post. 

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