Saltrock a clothing match

I often travel to London and am happy to do so with my children.  Upon a recent journey I was travelling with just little man and given how close the venue was to the station opted to not take the pushchair and just the sling.

This in itself is a challenge.  The weather outside is rather cold at the moment and because I like to carry Little Man in his sling, I like to wear clothing that I can layer.  It has to be comfortable in order to take the weight of Little Man and his sling, and be soft enough for Little Man to be against. 

A favourite clothing brand of mine is Saltrock.  The online ordering process is quick and simple, and delivery is quick, which is perfect for someone like me who has very little spare time.  There are often lots of offers to be had to, and in the Black Friday sales there were hoodies for £5!  I signed up for the newsletter and it is worth doing because you get notified of special offers.  

Saltrock offer clothing for Men, Women and Children, although nothing for Little Man just yet.  I ordered 3 items for £35, a short sleeve top, a long sleeve top and a hoodie.  I had the short sleeve underneath the long sleeve to keep me warm, and then used the hoodie to wrap around Little Man and myself to keep us warm.  It worked perfectly.  Little man had a warm place to rest his head when he got tired and we both kept nice a warm.  The hoodie was light weight enough to fold and place in the rucksack when I was not wearing it, but comfortable enough that it would wrap around us both for an extra layer.

As I wear the sling over the top of the clothes, the Saltrock clothing has to be good quality so as to not wear quickly.  The extra weight of Little Man and the sling adds strain onto the clothing that would not normally occur.  Saltrock clothing, so far, seems to be able to withstand this extra weight and strain.  It has also been able to withstand the pulling and chewing from Little Man.

You can probably imagine that having a baby in a sling means I also get covered in mushed food quite a lot.  Luckily the Saltrock clothing washes really well and retains shape and colour, so it is easy to remove the lovely stains Little Man leaves from his sticky food!  I have been so impressed with my clothing from Saltrock that I have even ordered the girls a few pieces for Christmas, as I know they will withstand the mud and outdoor play from the girls.  

Thank you to Saltrock for providing a gift voucher to purchase the items for myself.  All words are my own opinion. 

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