The Christmas Experience

On a cold dark winters evening we headed north to Leeds to the Christmas experience at Lotherton hall.  Our path was lit by soft white twinkling fairy lights weaving through the trees.  It was a magical walk towards the great Lotherton hall which set the tone for a festive Christmas experience.

Divided into areas we headed for the Christmas courtyard to warm our tummy with hot chocolate before heading over to the elf village.  The Christmas courtyard was warm and cosy.  Lanterns and warm white fur throws gave a homely and welcoming atmosphere.  Within the courtyard Children could create their very own fairy door, perfect for Father Christmas's fairies to visit.

To the side of the Christmas courtyard was the elf village.  Decorated in glistening white it felt as though you have been transported straight to the north pole. Father Christmas waiting inside his log cabin ready to great all the excited children and friendly elves ready to help.  Should you wish you could write a postcard to Father Christmas or even take a ride in his sleigh.  The elves workshop was a hive of activity as elves and children made magical reindeer food for Christmas eve.

Lotherton hall was decorated in traditional and Edwardian Christmas decorations.  Perfect for a quick photo of all my children. An Edwardian selfie studio had been created which provided great fun as the children dressed up.

Back outside we walked through the 12 days of Christmas.  Each day given an interactive model for children to play with.  From hooking a swan to spinning a lady dancing, the girls ran through each excited to see what was in store next.  I loved the shouts of 5 gold rings whenever anyone reached them.

Our Christmas experience concluded with the fairy dell. A small magical town full of the sounds of busy fairies.  It was a magical way to end the Christmas experience.

The highlight for the girls though was meeting Father Christmas and making a wish.

Thank you Lotherton Hall for inviting us to experience your Christmas experience, we had a truly magical night! 

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