A magic pass to bring the magic home

For unknown reasons my eldest daughter is pushing the boundaries at the moment.  Our recent trip to Edinburgh we almost came back straight after lunch as she was rude and generally misbehaving, and over the weekend she ignored her sisters pleas to not be picked up and dropped her into the coffee table.  My youngest daughter has suffered some very nasty damage to her mouth and we now have to play a waiting game to see how permanent this will be.  I am really not a fan of this behaviour at the moment.  I am putting it down to tiredness as the school year draws to an end for Christmas, and also that she is in Key Stage 1 which is very intense thanks to the SATS test in May.

Whilst I have tried a variety of techniques to help combat her bad behaviour, one that is particularly effective at this time of year is the promise of Father Christmas.  She has been told that she will not get any presents and has even had a phone call this week from the man himself.  He has told her to stop fighting and to start listening and since the call it seems to be working.  My youngest who is beginning to feel down about all the various people wanting to check how her mouth is and the limitations on what she can eat and drink also received a call to tell her she was very brave.  This really helped to lift her spirits.

Having Father Christmas call and talk to you is such a magical experience, and something both girls needed.  My eldest needed to just focus again and the magic of Father Christmas achieved this, my youngest needed a pick me up which the phone call did.  We are using the Portable North Pole products to bring the magic alive for the children.  For £9.99 we have a magic pass and this provides us with:

Unlimited Premium Videos

The Reaction Recorder - with the mobile app only

Unlimited Santa Calls

HD downloads

Storytime with Santa - a video each week in December

As the magic pass provides us with unlimited Santa calls I plan on using another call soon to give my eldest a boost to say how well she is doing, that is if she continues as she is doing.  The calls are great because it adds to the excitement.

Every year I create a personalised video for the girls, and this year will do one for Little Man also.  The girls watch excitedly to see if they have been put on the naughty or nice list.  In a way it has become part of our Christmas tradition.  The girls watch the video in the week before Christmas and see if they are on the nice list.  Last year I did a video for their Dad and the girls thought it funny when Daddy ended up on the naughty list.

With our Magic pass I can also create videos for the girls on their birthdays and at other points during the year.  I love to do this because it keeps the magic alive all year round and not just over the Christmas period.  As a special treat our magic pass will also give us access to a special video every day in December and I am looking forward to showing these to the girls.

One of the new features is the reaction recorder.  My phone unfortunately does not have enough memory to download the app so instead I have the app on my tablet.  I am going to record the girls reactions this year as they discover if they are on the naughty or nice list and may even include this in my Vlogmas video, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel for this. 

I love that I can keep the magic alive for my children and bring them a special message from Father Christmas.  I love to watch how excited they get and see that twinkle in their eyes.  It has also helped to lift the spirits of both girls who for different reasons have really needed a boost.  It really does begin to feel like Christmas once the girls watch their PNP videos!

The magic pass was provided in exchange for this post. All words are my own opinion. 

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