12 birds of Christmas

As well as the main pantomime Cast in Doncaster have other very festive productions on over the Christmas period.  One which caught our eye was 'The twelve birds of Christmas'.  The story follows the well known Christmas Carol, The Twelve days of Christmas, but looks at the bird given as a gift for each number.

The show is set in the studio space, an area which changes every time I visit and today the seating was arranged in 5 nests, or perhaps 5 rings?  There were benches behind for those not wishing to sit in the nest but we all wanted to sit together inside the nest.

The girls were excited to be sat on the artificial grass inside our nest and Little Man loved the fact her could crawl around and explore, rather than be stuck in a seat.  We had plenty of space and sat eager for the show to start.

Twelve birds of Christmas is very interactive and there is a lot of audience participation but all in such a good friendly way that it really makes the show.  The girls loved it and as the 50 minutes progressed they joined in more and more, even taking a staring role to present the Turkey with a present.  You have to see the show to understand, needless to say it was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Little Man really enjoyed his experience too as he sat and danced along and even joined in with the singing.  He hates to be strapped into chairs or to be made to sat still, so this was perfect for him.  Twelve birds of Christmas is suitable for all ages and is a great family production and a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

This day I love 12 birds of Christmas

We were invited to the show and provided with tickets, all words are my own opinion 

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