Yorkshire Winter Wonderland

With Grandma having the day off work we decided to spend the day having an adventure.  The girls have been asking to go ice skating since our trip to Edinburgh and I found availability at Yorkshire Winter Wonderland.  First though we had a very important stop to see Granddad at the airfield.  

The girls and Little Man loved visiting Granddad, and both girls are eager to spend more time with the planes but we could not stop too long as Granddad was needed with the planes and we had reservations at the ice rink.

Whilst I had pre booked our time I was not able to pre book the helpers [those penguin/snowman things] and was informed they were all booked out for our session, alternatively we could move to a later session and have a skate aid.  This meant we had a bit of time to wait so we made the most of it by having a hot chocolate.

Followed by spending some time on the Fairground rides.  My eldest seemed to love the Dodgems although she drove very wild and I think was aiming for all the other cars.  The fairground was full of traditional rides.  The girls were just too small to ride the majority if them but they still had plenty of fun.

Before we knew it it was time to put on our skates and head out to the ice.

The girls were armed with their snowmen, and I was wondering how the next hour would go with two children on the ice.  My eldest insisting she did not need the snowman or any help, but I managed to convince her to at least start with the snowman.

As the hour progressed the girls grew in confidence, my youngest seemed to take to it with ease whilst my eldest needed a little more practise.  By the end of the hour both girls were skating confidently [with their snowmen] and even attempted without any help.

We left the ice and both girls stood at the side of the rink watching as the more professional skaters took to the ice.  They stood captivated by the twirls and tricks.

As we left both girls asked to return to skate again, I feel we shall be making another visit to Yorkshire Winter Wonderland.

This Day I love Yorkshire Winter Wonderland

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