J tries out Pedigree Dog food

I am a very proud owner to two dogs, J and Spotty Dog.  They are both very different in their temperaments, personalities and each have their own quirks and traits.  J has been around since before the children.  At almost 8 years old he prefers his own space, and spends his time as my shadow.  He is in all honesty my best friend and accompanies me wherever I go.

Spotty Dog is completely different.  She is a bundle of energy, bouncing all over the place and has no idea how big she is.  A cross breed dog, she has completely different needs to J.  In her head she seems to have a bit of split personality crossing between either breed, Patter-dale terrier and Dalmatian.  She is a rescue dog from the RSPCA.  Whilst she is as mad as a box of frogs she is also one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet.

Two very different dogs, with two different requirements yet both fit our family perfectly.  Spotty Dog is like having a big bouncy toddler and she loves playing with the kids, J is much calmer and is the protector yet is my companion on my runs.  The best tip and advice I can give anyone in owning a dog is to not only understand the breed but understand the dog.  J is a Jack Russell but whilst he displays certain characteristics of the breed, he also has is own personality.

If you do decide to own a dog, borrow one from a friend first.  See how they fit into your life and your house, you may discover that the breed you thought might work for you and your family actually doesn't.  Some dogs require much more care and looking after than others.  Some need grooming regularly whilst others don't.  Some may have a longer lasting puppy phase, are you prepared for this?  

Spotty Dog has fears and phobias, she is scared of water and other dogs [seriously a dog scared of dogs] as a result she requires a lot of attention and a lot of time to help her overcome these fears.  It is a very very long process for which we have tried numerous methods but each one in a loving, gentle and calm approach.  

In addition Spotty Dog also has a lot of allergies, meaning we have to carefully watch her diet.  J has no allergies but if he eats certain dog foods with lots of E numbers he turns into a hyper dog [a bit like if you feed a kid sweets for every meal].  Both dogs are fed Dry dog food, this means they need to have water available during the day.  J has recently been trailing the PEDIGREE® dry food and has taken to it really well with no issues.

PEDIGREE® dry food has been scientifically designed to help protect your dog’s health, skin, coat, digestive system and immunity.  As J accompanies me running he needs to be fit and healthy to allow him to run with me over different terrains.  His skin and coat need to be healthy as there is a Little Man chasing after him too!  The PEDIGREE® dry food are of a good size making them easy for J to pick up and eat, and there is no nasty smells coming from the bowl either.  J has really enjoyed his PEDIGREE® dry food and he has not been bouncing off the walls like some other brands of dry food!

“This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE® , but all thoughts are my own.  For additional pet care information you can read the following PEDIGREE® Reviews for tips and advice.”

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