9 months update

My gorgeous blue eye boy had his 9 month check up today.  Whilst he turned 9 months 6 days ago I felt like today, after his check up, would be the best time to write up his update.

Little Man is genuinely one of the happiest babies I have ever met.  He smiles at everyone, and get lots of comments on how lovely his smile his.  He has a particular fondness for men with beards and for ladies, although he has never seen a lady with a beard so I cannot comment on his reaction to this.   For ladies or bearded men he gives the biggest smile and even does his happy jump!

He has a really cheeky personality and now objects if you take something away, will through a massive diva style strop if he doesn't get his own way and separation anxiety has begum to creep in.  In his soul he is full of adventure, wanting to get places and see everything never stopping still.  He has mastered pulling himself to standing and walking with furniture, and recently is even able to transfer from one object to another.  His favourite however is to climb, and you can see his little legs going trying to climb up things. 

With 2 new teeth at the top trying to make an appearance, Little Man is struggling with sleep and napping.  We will get our routine back when they come through and bring his total up to 6!

Currently Little Man prefers finger foods and will eat pretty much everything put in front of him.  He has regained his weight and gone back up to the line he was born on, after dropping off the charts so solid food seems to agree with him.  He has however turned into a bit of a fussy eater and will only eat home cooked food and not food from a pouch, unless it is fruit or veg puree.  

Little Man loves clicking his tongue and copying sounds.  He is a very chatty little boy and one with a huge personality!

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