A tale of two cities

After taking the girls to school I met my Mum at the train station and we headed into Leeds.  I had heard great things about Leeds Christmas market and wanted to check it out for myself.  The market is a slight walk from the train station, and if you did not know where Millennium Square was you could end up getting a little lost.  Whilst the back drop was beautiful, the market itself was incredibly quiet.  I could not help but feel it might have been better situated in the main shopper area as it would see a greater footfall.

My Mum and I had a look around each stall, but nothing really jumped out at us.  Perhaps because it was a weekday but the market seemed very quiet and lacked any atmosphere.  It was still lovely to have a walk around and spend some time with my Mum.  

Outside of the market and a little walk is another Christmas area with the Leeds wheel.  

The modern structure of the wheel glistened against the afternoon sky.  There was no one on the wheel but I can imagine it would be a hive of activity in the evening.

After leaving the markets we walked back through the main city centre.  There was plenty of hustle and bustle as people bought Christmas presents and here is began to feel much more festive.

Our day seemed to rush past us and we hurried back to the train station.  I left the train just in time to pick the girls straight up from school and I quickly bundled them into the car to head to Sheffield

Upon arrival in Sheffield I had two very excited girls who realised we were here to see Disney On Ice.  My eldest is currently going through a phase of conflicting emotions.  She still gets excited but is not sure how to express it as she wants to appear grown up.  It is resulting in some very teenager like emotions!  I can tell though she was excited as she tried to act cool!

We were sat right at the top of the arena so I did not get many photos, but this did not deter from the enjoyment of the show.  This Disney On Ice broke away from the traditional format where we visit many different characters and see a snippet of each show, and instead focused on Frozen.

At the start of the show we were treated to a performance by a variety of the Disney characters before the main show began.  The main show telling the story of Frozen, which both girls know off by heart.

Having watched Disney On Ice before my girls both asked when the show finished 'Where the other stories are?'.  They were both expecting other stories as per the original Disney On Ice format, and my eldest was a little disappointed it was only frozen.  My youngest however accepted that it was the whole Frozen story instead of part of it.  Personally Disney on Ice was still as entertaining with the focus on one show than on multiple stories but my preference would be to have the previous format as I feel it offers more in terms of excitement for the children as they try to spot their favourite character.

Even though the format was different and perhaps not what the girls were expecting they both enjoyed the performance and left with big smiles on their faces!

This day I love a tale of two cities 

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  1. Wonderful post as usual.But the picture at the end is great, too. I've done that before.


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