An evening treat

With school finished for Christmas a treat was in order.  Wrapping up warm we headed over to Brodsworth Hall for some festive fun and a late night treat.  Last year the girls sat and watched Father Christmas read them stories and this year they were doing the same, only with some added extras.

The main hall at Brodsworth is currently undergoing renovations, so tales with Father Christmas could not take place here.  Instead we went on a wonderful enchanted walk around the gardens.  The gardens and hall lit up in the dark with a wide variety of colours.

Disco lights hung from trees creating sparkles across the woodland floor.

Beams of light shone through the tall, dark trees.

We walked through different colours of light, listening to the different festive sounds as we passed until in front of us was a giant igloo.  We walked inside and took a seat, eager to see who or what would appear.  Then with a jingle of bells and a 'Ho, Ho, Ho' Father Christmas entered and sat down to tell us all a story.

The girls all sat captivated by the tale from Father Christmas.  They were told a wonderful story, one I had not heard before and once it had finished they even got to meet him.

The girls left the giant igloo in the gardens with huge smiles on their faces.  Each asked to go and visit Father Christmas again.  As much as I would have loved to go back and see Father Christmas again it was starting to get late, so instead we had a Hot chocolate before heading back home.

A wonderful treat and a great way to start the school holidays!

This day I love an evening treat

Brodsworth Hall invited us to attend.  All words are my own opinion. 

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