Famous for a day

On Thursday 24th November I received a rather exciting email, it simply asked if I was free Friday morning and would I be interested in talking about Black Friday.  To which I replied Yes to both of those questions.  The rest of my afternoon went in a whirlwind as cars, trains and hotels were organised for Little Man and I and we were whisked off to London.

A 5am start awaited us as the car was picking us up from our hotel at 5.40am.  Little Man was as good as gold, and one of my closest friends had come with me to help with him.  The car drove straight to ITV studios were we were rushed inside.  I was taken straight to hair and make up, and within 10 minutes was sat on TV on Good Morning Britain.  

My mind had not had time to comprehend where I was let alone my surroundings.  It was a whirlwind of excitement, direction and fun.  Little Man was rubbing shoulders with the stars and seemingly made friends with Judge Rinder.  I on the other hand got to meet the very famous Al from the Dad Network!

It was such a wonderful morning.  I returned home in time to do the school pick up and the girls asked why I could not hear them even though they were shouting very loud at the TV!  I enjoyed every second and would not hesitate to do it all again!

This day I love Famous for a day

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