Lunch with Piccolo

Am not sure what it is about breakfast or lunch but I always seem to be stuck for inspiration.  Resorting to carbs, carbs and more carbs.  Little Man prefers finger foods and I really want to give him variety and let him experience new flavours, so when I was invited by Piccolo to a lunch date with Piccolo I could not say no.

We arrived in London and were greeted by Alice Fotheringham who is the infant nutrition expert at Piccolo.  Alice is incredibly talented and as we walked through the front door we were greeted with lots of yummy food cooking away.  Little Man was made to feel incredibly welcome and got stuck in playing with all the lovely food toys!

Our starting point was breakfast and with that we began making porridge fingers!  I love recipes that involve non exact measurements as it makes cooking so much easier.  These porridge fingers were so easy to make and helps me to give Little Man something to hold for breakfast that is not toast!

With inspiration for breakfast next it was time to tackle lunch.  For this we made egg muffins, again a quick simple mix it all together recipe and one I can recreate at home.  Little Man however had his own plans.....

He promptly started stealing all the food and eating it, taking a particular liking to the courgettes!

The time simply flew by and my head was brimming with inspiration for our own lunch and breakfast over the next few weeks.  Of course, you cannot cook without preparing your own lunch.  

Safe to say with all this delicious food in front of us there was not one single plate with any food left on it!

Thank you Piccolo for inviting us to lunch and to cook with you.  We had a fantastic time and left full of inspiration [as well as some lovely food!].

This day I love Lunch with Piccolo 

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