Santa approved Christmas tree

This weekend it was time to pick our Christmas tree.  In previous years we have had an artificial tree, but after over 10 years of moving it in and out the box it finally broke.  I had never really considered a real Christmas tree before.  I thought of them as uneconomical and bad for the environment, but an email from Forestry Commission England gave me interesting food for thought.

First the email stated

'Real trees use 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees.'

Given my bad for the environment thought, I realised that actually a real tree was better for the environment.  I then got to thinking how I am going to dispose of my broken fake tree, I can't sell it or charity shop it because it is broken.  It is not recyclable, so it has to go to landfill which is a real waste.  A real Christmas tree would biodegrade so again better for the environment.  My final concern was the act of chopping down a tree, but again Forestry Commission England put my mind at ease.  Forestry Commission England only source trees grown in a well-managed way in the UK and ensure more trees are planted than harvested.  Then came the icing on the cake not only is every tree Santa approved but we also would be given a sapling to plant at home!  I loved this idea.  

This year it is Little Man's first Christmas.  I wanted a way to mark this occasion and planting a tree in our garden seems a perfect way to do this.  As Little Man grows, so will the tree and each year we can watch and see each grow.  I plan on growing the tree in a pot, so that one year when Little Man is older he can have his very own Christmas tree that is the same age as him.

Whilst Dalby Forest is almost 2 hours away from us it is the perfect location for a day out, and it was the perfect location to choose our Christmas tree.  After choosing our tree and given our certificate of approval from Santa we went to visit the man himself in his grotto.  Little Man was amazed by all the pretty lights, and he also has a thing for beards!  As a gift from Father Christmas the girls and Little Man were not only given a present but also give a sapling to plant.  I now had 4 saplings!  I loved this because it was not only something a bit different but something special that the girls could take care of.

Armed with their gifts from Father Christmas we embarked on a Christmas trail through Dalby.

The trail took us through the forest, learning about the different trees and finding the perfect one for Father Christmas.  It was an easy walk and the girls ran ahead looking at the trees and hunting for bugs.  I simply admired the views and took my time pushing Little Man along the route.

Dalby Forest has a wonderful play area for all ages, the girls took it easy in the giant swing whilst Little Man had a nap.

Before putting their balancing skills to the test on the obstacle course.  Not easy in wellington boots!

Although wellington boots are perfect for jumping in muddy puddles!

The night was beginning to draw in and whilst we did not want to leave it was time to head home.  The girls were incredibly happy with their 100% Santa approved Christmas tree, they loved their gifts from Father Christmas and that they got to spend a day outdoors playing.  I feel happy that we made the right decision to get a real tree this year and love that we will have 4 real Christmas trees in years to come, that is if we take care of them!

This Day I love Santa approved Christmas tree

Thank you to Dalby Forest we had a wonderful day.  All words are my own opinion.  We were provided with lunch, a voucher for a tree and the visit to the Santa grotto.

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