The Mermaids

The Bricktacular event at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre sounded like great fun so the girls, Little Man and I headed over the tops to Manchester to take a look.  The girls cannot resist cut out photo opportunities at the moment so had to stop and take one in the Lego Friends area,

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre was certainly in the festive spirit.  The Lego brick machine was making special edition Christmas bricks, so if you are a Lego fan you will need to visit to make sure you get one of these.  We began our journey by finding all the elves hiding in Miniland, they were everywhere and the girls got very excited pointing them out.  We even went on a present hunt, trying to spot all the Lego presents hidden around the centre.  They were much harder to find and hidden everywhere!

After Dragon Quest, which even Little Man could have a ride on, the girls went to obtain their driving license round a very festive track.

A very kind lady agreed to ride Merlin's chair with my youngest daughter so both girls could ride at the same time.  The girls were incredibly happy they could ride at the same time.  We missed out on the last master builder by around 10 minutes, we will have to be quicker next time and so instead spent time in the play areas and of course built lots of things out of Lego.

Just outside the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a small Christmas market.  With some time before our special event we bought German sausages for dinner and drank hot chocolate.  The view was quite good too.

Before we knew it it was time to enter SeaLife Manchester.  I had not told the girls why we had come or what we had come to see and they walked around engrossed in everything as normal.

That all changed when they went to the big tank where we usually stop to watch the sharks and wait for Ernie.  For in this tank were mermaids.  

The girls stood and watched in complete awe as the mermaids swam past.  They watched them dance, swim and blow kisses.  The girls eyes were dancing with excitement, it was amazing to watch but it then got even better as a certain someone swam past the window!

They just could not believe it and became stuck to the spot, eyes watching the waters and with huge smiles on their faces.  The mermaids were simply fantastic and ever so captivating. 

It was such a magical evening, and whilst we did not get home until after 10pm both girls have been talking about the mermaids non stop.  A wonderful day full of special memories!

This day I love the mermaids

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