A crafty Sunday

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A restless night with Little Man after running the night run the night before gave me very little energy on Sunday morning.  I settled for a craft morning with the girls before lunch and it gave us the perfect opportunity to build tiaras with our Frozen tiara kit from Clementoni.  

Girls making frozen tiara kit

The kit contained 2 tiaras and the majority of items you needed to make each.  It was missing glue, which luckily we had, and elasticated thread, which we did not have so we were unable to finish one of the tiaras. 

Sticking jewels on tiaras

The girls got creative with their tiaras, using glitter, beads and sticker gems.  I loved watching them use their imaginations to make up their own designs. 

Whilst I need to buy some elasticated thread to finish my eldest tiara, my youngest is complete and she took great pride in wearing it to show off her Frozen design. 

A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, and just what I needed after a sleepless night!

Thank you to Clementoni for sending the Frozen tiara Kit, all words are my own opinion.

This day I love a crafty Sunday. 

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