Watching them grow

For several years I have been wanting to grow more fruit, veg and herbs in the garden.  We always seem to get the timings wrong and before we know it winter arrives.  Determined not to miss out again this year I planned to make a start on our herb garden this weekend.  It was almost as if Piccolo knew of my plans, as in the post arrived some seeds!  

Using the special Piccolo pencil, which contains rosemary seeds in the base, my youngest practised her writing by writing the labels for our pots.

The girls then got to work filling up their plant pots with compost.

We planted a variety of different herbs and the girls were amazed at the different shapes, sizes and colours of all the seeds.  They started tearing open the packets very carefully just in case the seeds inside were very small. 

Our seeds [and pencil] were all carefully planted and watered, before placing in a warm sunny place waiting for them to grow.

My eldest has already declared she is going to be making mint chocolate, and I cannot wait to use fresh herbs in my cooking too!

This day I love watching them grow

Piccolo sent a packet of seeds and the pencil but did not request a post.  I purchased everything else other than 1 packet of seeds! 

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