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Reading is such a wonderful gift, and one I love to share with my children.  During the day Little Man and I love reading a book together and he has now got to the age where he will crawl to the book shelf and point at his books.  Whilst he may not understand the story, what he does understand is that the book means a cuddle together and sitting close listening to his Mum.  It means quality time to him and something he loves.

Parragon books have a beautiful range of books, Little learners which is aimed at this precious age group, babies and toddlers.  The range has recently gone through a re vamp and we were delighted to take a look.

Little Learners box

Our Little Learners book box contained 5 titles:

Mummy and Baby - A beautiful book with different surfaces for baby to touch and explore.  

Cow Says Moo  - A book with finger holes for the farm animals

I can Say please - A Really fun beek a boo play book

Mummy and Me - A finger puppet story book

Twinkle Twinkle little star - Light and sound story book

Parragon books Little learners books

Little Man rushed in to take a look in the box.  He began exploring each of the books, picking them up and looking at them.  Opening the books, testing them in his mouth and putting his fingers through the holes.

Little Man exploring books

His favourite though was 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'  The sounds and flashing lights I think drawing his attention.  Although it could have been the fact that each of his sisters would give him a cuddle and sing the song to him too!

Reading with his sister

The Little learners books are really popular with Little Man and his sisters.  My youngest who is at the start of her phonics journey picks the books up to read to her brother and my eldest will sit and sing the songs with him.  It is wonderful watching them all interact together and share the gift of reading.

Thank you to Parragon for sending the Little Learners books mentioned in this post, all words are my own opinion. 

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