Top 10 travel must haves

Shhhhh, we are going to let you in to a little secret.  

By day my children are like any other child, but at night they become superheroes.  [One of them sometimes is a little tired and has to have a nap]

You may know that as a family we love to travel and we love to have adventures together, but I bet what you don't know is what a superhero takes on holiday?  Super adventures need super packing and some super special items, because even a superhero needs a holiday!

It is however top secret and this post will self destruct, here are the top 10 items every superhero needs to take on holiday.

Watch Communicator

The watch communicator allows the superhero to speak in any dialect fluently, and also translates secretly so it appears the superhero is fluent in any language.  It also acts as a watch, allowing full communication with base for any emergencies and a tracking device so you never get lost.  Perfect for adventures allowing you to explore and immerse yourself in the culture.

UV Protector mask

The superhero mask not only protects the identity of the superhero it also emits a powerful cloaking shield to act as a UV barrier.  Have you ever wondered why a superhero never gets sun burnt?  Perfect for all holidays and whatever the weather.

Super ID

Using a regular passport with a suitcase full of super clothes would give the game away as to the true identity of a superhero, so each superhero is issued with a very special ID card.  It shows the person looking at it whatever information they want to see, allowing the superhero entry to anywhere.  Very top secret.

Xray Sunglasses

A superhero needs to protect their eyes as well as keep an eye on any potential crimes

Invisibility cloak

An invisibility cloak is by its very definition invisible, therefore attaching it to your favourite soft toy that also happens to look like you ensures you never loose it.  When on holiday there are the occasional times you may wish to be invisible as a superhero, even a superhero wants to relax.  Of course, the invisibility cloak also comes in useful for fighting crime if needed too.

Super suit

A superhero cannot reveal their true identity and therefore their suit must be able to adapt to all conditions.  Keep them warm in the snow, and keep them cool in the sun.  They also must be able to dry quickly should you wish to take a swim or paddle in the sea.

Super cape

A super cape must also be able to dry any superhero should the super suit not dry quick enough.  It must provide adequate shade when needed and aid in flying should a plane be delayed or missed.  A superhero cannot be left stranded in an airport.

Super secret vehicle

Hiring a car abroad can be tricky given you may need to use it to fight crime, so a superhero always carries their own.  Cleverly shrunk and disguised as a toy, so as to not raise any suspicions through security, a superhero always has their super vehicle with them ready when needed.

The spy book

Even a superhero wants to relax and read their favourite book when on holiday, because a holiday is the perfect excuse to read a good book.

You may have noticed that there are only 9 items in our top 10 travel must haves, that is because the tenth is something rather special.  Before showing this to you, the superhero in question has revealed their true identity and has asked that you keep it secret.

The final item is the case.  

Now a superhero does not have any ordinary suitcase, in fact it is something quite extraordinary.  The superhero suitcase also acts as a secret place to change into superhero clothes or ordinary clothes, allowing a superhero to have a holiday not in superhero mode too!

Now you know the secret of the top 10 travel items for a superhero!  Shhhhhh it is a secret!

If you need a super holiday for your little superheroes, why not check out Mark Warner, this is our entry into their #MarkWarnerMums Blogger Ambassador programme

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