Dreaming of a summer holiday

The cold wintry weather is making me long for sunnier climates.  To feel the warmth of the sun on my back, watching my children play happily in either the pool or by the beach.   I’ve teamed up with Thomson cruises to bring you my views on cruises and share the reasons why our family loves them.  Going on a cruise allows us to explore and discover new places creating memories together and having lots of adventures.

A cruise holiday offers something different, something a little magical.  Most mornings you wake up somewhere new.  As you sleep the ship moves to a different port, giving you a new place to discover and explore every morning.  A new experience and a new sunrise to watch.  Not all cruises are the same however.  Each company is slightly different and each ship within the fleet differs too, this means you can have a completely different experience with the same cruise company just on a different ship in their fleet.  My desire for some sun has led me to look for a cruise for our summer holidays.  We have a wishlist of places we want to visit and now I need to find a cruise to match them.  I also need to make sure I book the right cruise for us, one which will meet our needs as a family.

Our last cruise took us around the Mediterranean.  We took in some beautiful cities including Rome, Naples, Barcelona and Nice but for our next cruise we are thinking of discovering either the Caribbean or the Bahamas.  The appeal of the turquoise water, and the culture are such an incredible pull that I am looking at different cruise companies and their ships to find one that would suit us.  Of course the long haul flight with three young children is slightly less appealing, that I am also considering a cruise which sets sail from the UK as an alternative.

A cruise holiday is an amazing experience.  We learnt so much from our last cruise, including needing a pirate outfit for pirate at sea day!  Some cruise companies also have formal wear for evening and others have a very strict dress code.  Some however are more relaxed and dependant on what you want from your cruise will depend which company will suit you best.

I cannot wait to set foot on board the ship and look out to sea.  Watching the sunset over the ocean and waking up in a new place ready to create some wonderful memories.

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