Big Fish Little Fish - the return

Last weekend we headed into Sheffield for the return of Big Fish Little Fish. The girls were incredibly excited to return having had so much fun the first time.  As we entered the nightclub everything seemed to be exactly the same as last time, and the girls made a dash for the Ice lolly and cake stand.

Before proceeding straight to the dance floor for some fantastic dance moves.  We noticed a few people with face paint and went to investigate, but unfortunately the price was just too high for me to be able to afford to have two children face painted.  The girls understood and had a quick play on some of the toys before we were asked to leave, as apparently my children at 4 and 6 were too old to play here.  I had wanted to take Little Man into the baby sensory area but again was told no.  When asked why 'Because older children are not permitted'  I was told my girls would have to be on the dance floor [unsupervised] should I want to enter the baby area with Little Man.  Not feeling comfortable having to leave the girls we all went back to the dance area together.

Whilst the girls were still excited I was a little disappointed not to be able to use the baby area, but decided to just enjoy our afternoon together.  We actually had a wonderful afternoon.  The girls got very creative making masks.

The big balloons were released and this got my youngest daughter very excited.  Last time she managed to catch one right at the very end of the night and as a result brought it home with her, this time she caught one with over an hour left.  She put up a bit of a resistance but eventually understood she could not hang on to it until the very end of the night.  This did not stop her from chasing it around all afternoon.

Little Man even enjoyed himself on the dance floor.  Bouncing and wiggling to some of the music.  He tried to catch all the balloons and bubbles that went past him, and his face was full of amazement at the flashing lights.

The girls didn't want to leave and have asked when they can go to the party with the big balloons again!

We were invited to Big Fish Little Fish, all words are my own opinion. 

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