Pancake day : decisions decisions

Pancake day.

Do you have pancakes for breakfast? For lunch? for dinner? as a snack? as desert? How do you enjoy your pancakes on pancake day?  Perhaps you just have a day full of pancakes!

Personally I am not a fan of what you would class 'traditional' pancakes, I simply do not like batter.  Instead I make my pancakes, for me to eat, from two ingredients egg and banana.  Simply mash them together and fry, if you wanted to you could add in a scoop of protein powder.  I prefer them for breakfast and they taste great as they are or with strawberries.

Little man is celebrating his first pancake day and to keep it interesting for him I have used some animal cutters and made animal shapes for him, I have taken inspiration from pinterest and from a Nursery in Chiswick who make food fun for babies and toddler.    He seemed to enjoy them as his hands became a blue in the camera as he ate them far too quickly!

animal pancakes

The girls however could not make up their mind what they wanted on their pancakes.  We decided to have some fun and use Num Noms to help us decide on flavours.  

My youngest fancied Marshmallow and chocolate sprinkles, but I had neither so instead she went for banana, powdered sugar and honey.  My eldest however got rather creative with her pancake and went for blueberries, maple syrup and chocolate

Num Nom pancake

I love by that using their Num Noms we could come up with different flavour combinations and help settle that argument of what to have on your pancake!  The great thing with Num Noms is the girls can add them together and smell what the combination will be like.  Helping them make choices about what foods go together and which do not. 

How are you going to enjoy your pancakes? 

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