Review : Schleich Farm world Starter set

The Schleich Farm World started set features 4 animal figures from Schleich, Cow, Donkey, Sheep and Cockerel.  As you would expect from Schleich the figures are of a great quality and are true to life, meaning they are instantly recognisable.  Little Man turns one this week and with it starts a new phase in his development.  We have begun talking about different animals, he already knows dog and points to J and says 'Og', so we have started with Farm animals.

Schleich Farm animals have brought all the children together in their imaginative worlds.  The girls move the animals around saying the different animal noises and Little Man plays with them 

There are not many products available that a 6,4 and 1 year old can all play with together, but in completely different ways.  Little Man tested out the quality by bashing the animals on the table and chewing them.  Each one with stood his tough play and still look as vibrant.

My youngest daughter started making up stories about the different animals and showed Little Man.  He would pick them up and look at them before handing back to his sister to make the noises again.  The animals are all small enough to be portable, so when we do visit a farm we can take them with us to reinforce his understanding of the different farm animals.

 Little Man loves to pick up each farm animal and look at them.  They are the perfect size and weight for him to look at and as he plays with them more he will begin to learn more about each animal, especially as his sisters have taken it upon himself to show him!

The Schleich animal farm starter set was sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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