Valentine's with the one you love - #ShareTheLove

My youngest got her first Valentine's day card today from a boy at school she calls her boyfriend.  She has already asked me on several occasions how old she needs to be before she can get married, and tells me every night that she loves him and misses him.  When he gave her the card this morning her eyes lit up, and she said 'He loves me too'.  Love is such a powerful emotion, even when you are 4 years old.

Valentine's day, in my opinion, should be a day which we not only spend with the people we love but should be a day in which we share the love.  A day for showing people we care and a day we make time for others.  No one should be alone on Valentine's day, I am not talking about in a relationship I simply mean alone and we should #ShareTheLove

The girls wanted to show their love for their Grandparents this weekend, as Valentine's day fell on a school day and so they decided to take them out for lunch.  I could not think of anything more perfect for Valentine's than spending it eating cake with the people I love.

My youngest forgot she had to wait for her lunch before eating her cake and promptly got stuck in.  Her love for cake and all things sweet clearly showed.

My love for cake is not too far behind.  I simply could not resist this lemon meringue 

Little Man was incredibly happy as he got to spend an afternoon with his favourite person, his Grandad.  He absolutely loves his Grandad and is the happiest when they are together.  I think if you could ask him who he wants to spend Valentine's with it would certainly be his Grandad.  

In all honesty I cannot think of a better way to spend Valentine's day than surrounded by the people you love and who love you, and of course with lots of cake.  Even if it is impossible to get a decent picture of us all together!

 This Valentine's day make sure you #ShareTheLove even if you don't want to share your cake.

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