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My husband and I both have backgrounds in engineering.  Having studied engineering and worked in the field for a brief period I feel very passionately about encouraging females to take an interest in the field.  I love understanding why things work, taking them to pieces to reassemble them and I find it much easier to work logically and with numbers than anything else.  When a TV show is developed to encourage children, in particular girls, to take an interested in engineering and science I am very intrigued to watch and find out more.
The girls love to watch Project MC 2.  For those who have not seen Project MC 2, it is a team of six super-smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and spy skills to undertake missions for top-secret organisation, NOV8™ (pronounced 'innovate').  

Project MC 2 is a Netflix original and was launched in August 2015.  In addition it launched its own geek-chic fashion doll line and accessories based on S.T.E.A.M,with an aim to encourage girls that science and technology can be fun.

This Valentine's day Netflix released Part 4 of Project MC 2, all new episodes ready for us to watch over half term.  The girls are really excited and cannot wait to watch the new episode, they are certain it will be as good as the others.  If the trailer is anything to go by they are not wrong.

In addition to the new release, Project MC 2 also are releasing a new range of dolls.  Based on the characters from the show the dolls also each come with science experiments to do at home.  Ranging from glowing ear rings to glitter tattoos!  The girls cannot wait to see what experiment their doll will have.

I love how excited both girls are to watch the new episodes and to have a try at a science experiment!  I shall keep you updated on twitter as to how we get on!

I am waiting on the mentioned doll in exchange for this post.

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